About Nimbus clothing company and The owner

Hi my name's JT and "Nimbuscc" or nimbus clothing company is a clothing brand of my own, single design and ownership, im a dreamer like you just hoping to make something out of something i enjoy, something more than even just a clothing brand but a brand of its own, a community.

Nimbus is an idea that came to me as i was looking through ideas for a business based around my interests, unlike all the stories you hear people with other brands say about how they've been "dripping since birth" and what not, i didint start with this interest shockinly. It was actually towards the end of my HS years that i started to become way more self concious about my looks that i ever did and as we would move closer towards the time i would be transition to college life i started really changing what i wear being freer than i had ever been before, especially being free from uniform school. I would then find myself frequenting fashion media and communities and it would be safe to say i really started to gain a sense for apperance. With that said we find ourselves here at the inception of Nimbus Clothing Company, a sub company in nimbus studios, my wide ranged conglomerate currently in inception. just wait on it.


Mission Statement

Nimbus is a brand that knows things can be rough, but the thing is that its okay, and we're not speaking in a half handed way, we just understand, because we're people too, we go through or have been through many of the same things that you do. That said, thats why we trust you'll be alright, because as long as as were still here, making it through, we know you'll be too. The sky isnt always sunny, it can be cloudy too, such is life, even though the associations of a cloudy sky can be negative at times as if the clouds are smothering atop you raining over your head. The thing is though, your looking at it wrong, the clouds are a representation of you, sometimes empty, void of problems, fluffy and white or at times grey, raining, and heavy like the weight of your problems could crush you at any time. However, in the end no matter the cloud isnt there something majestic about how they stay afloat in the sky, the clouds are always floating arent they, through, rain, hail, and smooth skies they soar, free flowing, never touching the ground so really at the end of the day if were like clouds then youll aways be above your issues wont you. Ultimately, thats why were here, to drill the message into you to never succumb to your issues,

So like the nimbus cloud, dont forget

to always stay,

higher than your problems - NIMBUSCC